Peewee knows

Floppy Ear

Does anyone know if beets are bad for dogs. I fermented several large beets (sliced) a few years ago, and they have been sitting in my fridge in jars of salty/vinegar-water. They have lost all their colour. I just wondered if it would be OK to mix some into his next batch of wet dog food which I make?

My dog has proud pointed Akita ears. After ear-mites, he got an ear infection. After shaking his head so much, he burst a blood vessel and now has cauliflower ear. There is a bulge of pooled blood about the size of a flattened ping-pong ball, making that ear droop. Anybody have any thoughts on cauliflower ear?

I am recently treating it with an antibiotic cream. (Eventually, if he ever stops shaking, the blood is supposed to leach back into his system). I wonder if there are spray-on antibiotics??

I am posting this in two communities, since LJ is so dormant. I'd also like to invite anyone interested to join the new community, anti_viral, where you can share your personal concerns about the coronavirus crisis. Anything relevant to pets and the virus, etc., would also be great to hear about. Thanks.