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All Things Canine
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    Welcome to All Things Dog, a general dog community promoting civil discussions, debate, and mutual learning of all things canine and canine-related. We encourage our members to propose topics for debate, engage in discussion freely, and ask questions and advice as well as share their own pictures and stories.

    Formed by intelligent advocates and admirers of the canine species, this community promotes the civil discussion of differing opinions and the mutual learning from the experiences of others as well as ourselves. We want this to be a place where everyone can bring their dog-related concerns, questions, or ponderings but also a place to just kick back and relax in like company.

Join. Post. Enjoy.

    Here at allthingsdog we oppose the irresponsible practices of backyard breeding, puppy milling and purchasing companion animals from businesses that enable these operations to continue. We support the responsible breeding of health-tested, championed and temperament proven dogs by reputable breeders and the adopting of rescue or shelter animals.  We do not tolerate discrimination against any breed, type or species of animal; we all know fault lies in owner responsibility. Lastly, animal abuse of any kind will absolutely not be tolerated here, even when it's done under the guise of training.

    Anyone who wishes to contact the moderators, for any reason, is encouraged to do so by commenting to the open post in allthingsmod
All comments are screened for your privacy.

» Friendly debate is encouraged. Outright rudeness is not.
» Anything dog related is welcome. Anything not dog related is best discussed or posted elsewhere.
» It's considered good form to utilize the lj cut when posting large or multiple pictures. This means that any pictures larger than 400x400 pixels need to be behind a cut, and any pictures following the first in a post should also be behind a cut. It is not necessary to cut text posts.
» If the possibility of disagreement or differing opinions alarms you, it is ill advised to post in public forums.
» When asking for medical advice, expect to be directed to a licensed veterinarian.
» Expect any irresponsibility or ignorance on your part to to be addressed openly and honestly.
» Any posts disallowing comments will be deleted, the poster gagged and thoroughly mocked.
» Posts made solely for dramatic effect will not be deleted so that fellow members may mock the poster. However, said poster may earn a gagging.
» Deleting posts or comments for the sake of dramatics is a bannable offense, and will also earn a thorough mocking of the poster.


» Warn: Cautionary advice preceding further action.
» Gag: Temporary ban instated for a specified amount of time. Once a gag is lifted, participation within the community is permitted.
» Ban: Permanent removal from participation within the community. A ban is non negotiable and non refundable.


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